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carcass to canvas

To remember all of my beautiful people #wedding #guestbook

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Enjoying the beginning of a huge breakfast as man and wife at the bed and breakfast. #b&b #breakfast #prehoneymoon (at Tree Top Bed & Breakfast)

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I can’t believe I will be married in a couple of hours. #wedding (at Lily’s on Main)

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Alaina drew me a bridal bath and I’m having a sleep over with my bridesmaids. ♡ #bath

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When I wake up it will be my wedding day #hydrangeas #vintagemanicure

Sarah made my bow bouquet

The room is waiting for my girls #bridesmaids #vintage #dressingroom

The family came up from Texas and made me gumbo. #family #love #southern

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I have no idea what’s going on but this feels amazing #pedicure

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Stem trimmin. Keepin it fresh dawg. #flowers #trim

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I'm a tattoo artist from Lancaster County. I always have my hands in several creative honey pots. I think this world sucks so I'm creating my own.

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