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carcass to canvas

For once, a tattoo that was pinterest inspired that didn’t completely eat my soul. I enjoyed this. #horsey #nay #tattoo

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I would like to prove to everyone that I did, in fact, donate. I think it’s foolish that people would film themselves without donating. #als #icebucketchallenge

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My back just got a little perdier #tattoos #tattooist

The weirdest sunburn yet #geometric

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My drink vessel for the evening #whynot #bachelorette

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Drink tears with these queers #wine #drinks

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Ponies and porter potties #horse

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Shameless sunflower #best

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My girl getting saucy on top of a mountain #wine #bachelorette #matronofhonor (at Benigna’s Creek Vineyard and Winery)

I'm a tattoo artist from Lancaster County. I always have my hands in several creative honey pots. I think this world sucks so I'm creating my own.

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